Melissa is a great esthetician. I have been going to her since she has opened up shop. The calmness of her demeanor and the way she flows through a facial puts you at complete ease. I would recommend her services to anyone!

Kelly W.

My skin has never looked or felt as amazing as it has since I visited Melissa at Soak Spa. I've had problem skin since the birth of my son and have tried an array of products but nothing seemed to help. Not only did she give me the most amazing and relaxing facial ever, but my skin especially on my forehead has already cleared up remarkably. I highly recommend Melissa!

Sarah W.

This was the most relaxing and truly fantastic facial experience! I am excited for more! Melissa is not only an expert esthetician, she is a gifted healer with magical hands! She listened to my concerns and delivered what I needed most, and my skin looked and felt amazing afterwards. Wonderful products! Plus her skin is so beautiful and youthful, and to me, that is the sign of someone walking their talk :) Much gratitude to you, Melissa!

Catherine G.
Melissa is amazing. I've never been one to be disciplined about taking care of my skin and she has turned that all around. Not only have I seen an improvement in my skin but I know that it's being improved as naturally as possible. The Micro-Channeling service immediately improves fine lines and gives your face a glow-y appearance for days. Oh,  and the facials are heaven. I'm never so relaxed as I am after one of her facials. The attention to detail, natural approach, service, and results are all the reasons I will continue to trust my skin to Melissa at Soak.
Sarah H.
I LOVE facials but haven't had the opportunity to schedule one for quite a few years. Circumstances conspired to allow me to schedule one for Friday morning at 11:00 at Soak Spa, a new day spa in Old Town where Melissa Stewart does, apparently, some kind of amazing witchcraft. I received a signature facial from Melissa at Soak Spa on Friday. She was very calm and courteous, giving me plenty of time to change and get onto the table, which was (for me) perfectly warmed. She also made sure to let me know she could change the temperature of the table if I got too warm, and started my facial with inhalations of essential oils. I absolutely LOVE lavender, so she used that and instructed me to take three deep breaths, which really helped me calm and center myself. Then onto the facial!! She began by massaging lotion into my feet and wrapping them in booties to hydrate them, and then started in applying all of the assorted layers of the facial. I was in absolute heaven. Melissa's touch is gentle but assured, and I was at perfect peace feeling that I was in the hands of an absolute expert. I could probably have fallen asleep a few times. I may have. She did some extractions at my request but even they were very gentle. I have some issues with eczema on my neck and chest and it had all calmed down considerably by the end of the facial. She uses Auspect products which I now absolutely love. As a former employee of and believer in Origins I'll continue to use my Origins products until they run out, but I may have to replace them with Auspect's product line as my skin seems to thoroughly enjoy them. When the facial was done I was treated to a wonderful hand and arm massage. Then Melissa removed my booties and left the room so that I could change. I spied on myself in the small mirror in the room, but it wasn't until I saw myself in the larger mirror in the bathroom that I nearly started crying.
Dondi B.
Melissa is a gifted esthetician...a wonderful treatment massage for the face and soul!  I'm a loyal fan.
Karen W.
I consider myself a bit of a facial connoisseur – I try to go once a month. I was referred to Melissa at Soak Spa and HOLY MOLY! Most relaxing and wonderful facial I have ever had. Suffice it to say, I'll be back. I've been looking for someplace I feel comfortable getting microdermabrasion – I've totally found my new spot! Thank you, Melissa!
Cait O.
I've had lots of facials, and I loved my facial with Melissa! She took extra time and care with me, and I really appreciated it. Didn't know how much I needed the TLC. And my skin looks great! Really looking forward to going back for my next facial. Melissa made this a very relaxing experience. I felt great afterward, and my skin is softer and less dry. This is my first winter in Colorado, so my skin is adjusting. I love the products she used and even bought a couple which seem to be making my results last. I will def be back.
Miriam B.
Such a talented esthetician. Explained everything clearly and offered suggestions. One of the best estheticians I've encountered. Highly recommend. Great experience. Soak Spa truly is as good as it gets!
Jaclyn S.
I wouldn't consider myself a spa kind of person; in fact, my facial with Melissa was my first! I was really apprehensive about going but she made me feel right at home and really listened to my wishes. All the products she used were natural and very agreeable with my sensitive skin. Melissa did a wonderful job and maybe even turned me into a facial lover! Thanks Melissa!
Kate S.
I've had a few facials in the past, but none of them compare to Melissa's. As a soap and water girl with no routine I was ready for a little self care and some feeding my skin. The spa is lovely and cozy, the massages were Incredibly relaxing, the basic treatment was thorough (can't imagine how the next step up would be!) and love the great organic products. And the compliments on my glowing skin weren't bad either! Highly recommend Soak Spa.
Erica G.
I truly loved my facial! The atmosphere, tone and pace was perfect. I was completely relaxed. I highly recommend soak skincare!
Teresa M.
Melissa has exactly the right touch, her spa provides awesome organic products from Australia They are fresh and smell wonderful. She is extremely conscience of your comfort and care from entering the door to her intimate cozy room. She is loving and gentle with your skin and I left feeling refreshed and a little bit younger. The wall color in her room is calm and soothing while she provides an intimate, comfortable environment. I ask a lot of questions and Melissa had clear, practical answers. She is a gem, in lovely downtown Fort Collins. We are so lucky to have her here.
Janna C.
A bit of heaven in my day is how I would describe my time spent with Melissa. Can't wait to do it again.
Betsy C.
Soak Spa truly is as good as it gets! I'm not a gal who gets regular facials... in fact, I'm the 'bar soap to the face' kind of girl.... but I was gifted a facial and it was amazing! I haven't been pampered like that in AGES! The foot/neck/shoulder/arm massage was an awesome bonus. I love the fact that Soak Spa has a holistic approach and uses only organic products. For someone who likes to hug trees regularly, this is very important to me.  I left Soak Spa feeling like I did something incredible for my skin and myself.  I recommend Melissa to anyone within earshot!  Go see her or get a gift card for a friend/lover.
Amy A.
I had a wonderful time at Soak spa for a microdermabrasion and a facial. Melissa was very knowledgeable and attentive, she checked on me next day as well and a week later to see how my skin feels. I signed up for 4 total sessions with her, which were an amazing deal. Can't wait to go back in November!
Kate B.
I had a wonderful facial experience with Melissa. It was relaxing and my skin looked great afterwards! She is very knowledgeable about skincare and gave me the information I required to my skin looking and feeling great!
Sarah M.